We had a storm front move through here last night and it’s dropped the temps some today. Not bad. Just not as beautiful as it’s been this last week.

So I’m hanging out inside more than out in the garage as normal.  I seem to be a bit more sensitive to the cool temps than I was before.


Have had a pretty good last few days. Still don’t have a whole lot of energy yet, but the Wife is being quite creative with the dietary limitations and pounding as much protein into me to try to regain my strength.

I really lost any and all reserves I had during the mess last weekend.  I’m walking as much as I can and trying to get the legs back into it.

Kind of a challenge at this point, but we’ll get there.


Got the Chemo pump off yesterday afternoon. Kinda neat that they give ya a bolus at the Cancer Center and then send ya home with a pump for 46 hours.

I could hear  those little “Chucklet Clones” screaming last night as they were dying from that Chemo.




Enjoy your day, Kids. Nothing much to say here.


More Good News Today!

March 28, 2012

I was told to call the Oncology Center a 9:45 this morning to see where Doc thought I was in being able to start Chemo or not. As I suspected, they put it off till Monday. Kind of a disappointment, but expected.


What I didn’t expect was a call back from them about 20 minutes later telling me to come on down as the Doc had rechecked over all the labs, etc and decided we could go ahead and start the Chemo!

Yay Me!!

So that’s what we did. Felt really good to go on offense against this crap. I was afraid that every day of delay was just giving that crap more time to get bigger and stronger till we weren’t gonna be able to treat it right.

So lets hear it for starting Chemo and kicking back on that crap!!

They sent me home with a pump that I will wear till Friday afternoon of the appropriately named 5 FU infusing. No big deal. easy peasy.


OK, the weather is absolutely beautiful out so I’m gonna go sit out in my Garage Cave now and enjoy the breeze.


Thanks again to Y’all for being here and taking the time to comment.

OK. Made it back Home.

March 28, 2012

Sorry for just leaving ya all hanging like that!  As last reported, I was having these odd Fever episodes.

What was that, about a week ago?  Close enough I suppose.

I’m gonna try to lay out a timeline of events here, but it may not be entirely accurate.

Saw the Family Doc Wednesday about the Fevers. He prescribed and Antibiotic and made a call to the Oncologist because I was starting to look a bit Jaundiced.

Saw the Oncologist Thursday morning about 11am and By this time I’m starting to turn Bright Yellow/Orange.

She’s a great Doc, but she would NOT make it as a card player. She took one look at me when she walked into the exam room and I could see her face kinda drop. After a quick exam, she sent me straight over to get a Ultra Sound exam of the Biliary area to see if something was blocked up.  Sure enough, It appeared that the Tumor associated with the Liver Mets along with some Lymph Nodes and I don’t know what else were indeed blocking the Biliary system from draining.

This is known in medical jargon as – “Double Plus Ungood”.

Back over to the Oncologists office and she has already arranged for me to go to Big City Med Center early the next morning (Friday) for an ERCP procedure. Since I still haven’t learned to use links, here’s the Wiki on it- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERCP.

They ended up putting 2 stents in the Biliary drain pipe and 1 right in the small intestine where the drain comes out.

I was home by noon and felt like shit all day. And it just kept getting worse. By 7pm the wife thought I was gonna die and packed my happy self off to the ER. Where my Coworkers were all over me like stink on shit.

They tapped my port, got fluids going, pain and nausea meds, drew labs and all the regular things ya do.

Turns out there were 2 major things going on.

1) The ERCP had stirred up my Pancreas enough to light off a good Pancreatitis attack. This was a new and exciting thing for me.

2) problem was I was still FOS. That’s official medical jargon for – Full of S*&t.

My buddy and adopted Son ParaMedicKid, stepped up and administered a soap suds enema to my sorry ass. With pretty remarkable results I may add.

Let’s have a round of applause for the KID!!!!

They sent upstairs for the night at that point.

I had been scheduled to come in Saturday morning for a Transfusion of 2 units of blood anyway, so I was there and and they could do their job easy enough.

So Saturday was Blood and pain management. And mostly a fog for me.

Sunday I felt a bit better as my Pancreas levels had dropped by half. My jaundice was resolving well too, since things were draining well.

Monday, that’s when we were originally scheduled to start the chemo BTW, was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. The Docs wanted to get everything Lab Work with the Liver and Pancreas in line before starting Chemo. Kinda disappointed me, but what the hell do I know?

These folks have been right all along, so I can’t argue to much.

Got to come home yesterday afternoon. Happy about it too.

That’s all I have to energy for right now. We’ll get a bit more later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday-









A Fever Now??

Chemo doesn’t even START Till Next Monday.

Always gotta be on the cutting edge I suppose.

I’ll let ya know what goes on and where I end up at later.


Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-

Ok. Where was I?

That’s kind of the problem w/ getting busy and not putting things down when they happen.

We’ll go back to Karl driving 2 hours over here from Ohio just to give my Wife a break from running me to Doctors.

He and a whole lot of  other people Have begun to restore my faith in Humanity. Being away from the ER for going on 4 weeks has most certainly helped too.

People like Shawna, who send me books and cards.

My Coworkers, who are all the time checking up on me.


You get the picture, right?

I sent a prayer request to, SteveH last week.. He runs – http://toolsofrenewal.com/ which is linked on my other site. Once I get this whole links thing  figured out, he’ll be linked here also

He’s a guy I’ve been reading for years and if you were paying attention, the change has been incredible. He has morphed into the kind of Man I would aspire to be.

I won’t share his response here in public, but lets just say – It’s been spot on- in regard to what has been going on AND what I have been learning. Or in some cases,  RELEARNING.

Amazing. Except that it’s not really unusual when God puts his hand into things.

My Children continue to swarm the house helping out the Wife, Fixing things and hanging out with the Old Man.

I found The Surly one from http://www.surlycamera.blogspot.com/  sleeping on the couch When I stumbled out of bed this morning.

Yes, sleeping in the bed and NOT the chair!


All these things are cause for Celebration here. And just maybe we will.


I need to go now. I have only begun to scratch the surface of People who have been a blessing and I’m sure I’ll never remember them all.

I just want to say – THANKS to every one of you who have helped me during this time so far.

You know who you are if I forget to mention you publicly. Feel free to use the email or comments to remind me.

I need more coffee now.

See ya later. You all Have a good day!


Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-







Of what all has been going on the last few days?

First lets back up to the beginning of the week. Monday just plain sucked. Not a little but a LOT.

I was having a lot more pain from a lot of places that weren’t  surgery related and my mood swings, if you plotted them on a graph would have looked something like this-



Yep, up and down. I was running from being angry and mean to wanting to cry over any little thing. Very, NOT GOOD for everyone around.

Tuesday morning, when I got up at immediately started bitching the Wife took charge. She called my Family Doc and we were in there within an hour.

Like I said the other day, he changed my meds around and I thought they were to strong. Not so much once you figure out how to time things properly.


OK, this is where I have to tell ya about Karl.

Karl is the guy who owns the company that sells the Commie Obama, Ushanka  hats –







Yep, that’s the one there. Cool hat that I’ve featured on my other blog before.

Ever since this cancer thing has come up, Karl has been keeping in touch, offering encouragement and help in any way he can.

Many years ago, a Preacher Friend of mine told me, “If people sincerely want to do something to help, Let them. Even if you don’t have anything seriously important that needs done. It’ll be a blessing for both of you.” That Preacher Friend’s advice had never been wrong, so when Karl emailed me and offered to drive me around to the ChiroCracker appointment Tuesday I took him up on it. We’d been trying to arrange a face to face meetup for awhile anyway so it all worked out.


Now keep in mind that Karl lives about 2 hours drive time from here. But he wanted to come all this way just to give my Wife a break from hauling me around. Yeah, that is not just a minor item.


So he did! And once again, PreacherV was correct. It was a blessing for both of us.

Well me for sure.

Karl is a genuine nice guy, who has no idea how his visit over here the other day had a huge impact on my Mental Hygiene and overall outlook

of people/society in general.

My Brother, who showed up here yesterday afternoon, just woke up so I’m gonna post what I have here and carry on with this theme and Karl story later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Morning-




I have a ton of things to tell ya about the last 2 days…… Good things. Two good days in a row is nice, especially after the Train Wreck I was Monday Night.


But I just can’t tell ya much yet.

Yesterday morning, the Doc changed my meds around on me and Whoa! This stuff is just to strong.

Works just like he said and takes care of several problems besides pain. But Damn! My brain is just moving at 1/4 speed at best.

I can see why folks abuse this stuff, but I don’t like it.


I see him in the morning and will see if he’s got a better combo that’s not so strong. Till then, Be good.

I hope the weather where you’re at is as nice as we are having here!


Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday-