The New Doc Seems A-OK……..

April 18, 2012

I Forgot that my Wife has seen this Doc in the past for Migraine help. She calls him “A Gentle Spirit” and I can see why.

Extremely nice guy.

Had a lot of good suggestions for both gaining weight and for some other problems I’ve been dealing with.

So we’ll see how things go.


All in all I think it’ll help.


Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Morning-





9 Responses to “The New Doc Seems A-OK……..”

  1. Karl Ushanka Says:

    A doctor to help one *gain* weight. Who’d a thunk it?

    You’d think I’ve been seeing this doctor for years….

  2. Lisa Says:

    lol. is that sign pointing to work? glad your feeling a little better.

  3. judydee Says:

    Just checking it with you, glad to know you’ve met up with “a gentle spirit”. There are too few of those in our lives. Hope things continue to go well.

    prayers and blessings,


  4. Mark Manship Says:

    Waiting for up date mark manship

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Done Mark!
      Same with you. You doing OK?

      • Mark Manship Says:

        I am on “hormonal therapy” AKA androgen deprivation therapy AKA medical castration – developing a real sense of fashion and an interest in interior design. Start radiation therapy next Wednesday. 5X / week for eight weeks. Hanging in there – like you. Mark

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