Big City Trip Went OK…………

April 14, 2012

It’s seems that all the stents are draining properly and things in that end are working ok.

This is good.

That my liver labs still suck is not good. My guess? Lots more tumor in there than they thought.

I guess that means – “Come on Chemo!”


I did get my 2nd treatment the other day and so far no nasty side effects other than the “Chemo Mouth”.


If that’s as bad as it gets I’ll consider myself fortunate. So many folks have such bad side effects I’m very lucky so far.

Not much else to tell ya. Pretty sore this morning from being flopped around while under the anesthetic but that’s what drugs are for I guess.


Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday-



6 Responses to “Big City Trip Went OK…………”

  1. China Says:

    Well part good,part fixable! I can’t imagine being in your shoes right now,but attitude is every thing! Try to not let stuff like that get ya down! The road you are climbing ain’t an easy road,but it is your road and it is climable! Sounds like you have wonderful friends and family support. A bunch of prayers coming out of blog land for ya! You just hang tough an whip it!


    • crazyuncle Says:

      You have no idea just how wonderful my friends and family have been through this, China. It’s been incredible. I should make a post just praising how good I’ve been treated.

  2. brocktownsend Says:

    Keep your chin up!

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Felt better today, Brock. I was hurting pretty bad after that trip to the Big City Med Center Friday. Not sure just what they do that hurts so much, but they did a good job of it.

  3. jimthetrooper Says:

    Glad you’re ok Bro. Hang tuff, or “Drive on Trooper” as they say.

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