Sorry I’ve Been Remiss………….

April 7, 2012

In posting  here this week.

There’s been a lot going on and a lot of visitors.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have Family and Friends here. With my limited energy levels, I just don’t seem to get around to posting anything afterwards.


The good news is I don’t really have anything all that exciting to tell ya about.

The 1st round of Chemo seems to be working pretty well. The reason I say that is, during that last stay in the hospital after the ERCP, my legs swelled up something awful.

All I can figure is it was Portal Pressure in the Liver that was backing things up. Not really a good thing, but I probably should have expected it given what was going on.

I noticed that the day after they pulled that 46 hour pump, the swelling had already begun to go down and was completely gone in 2 more days.

I’m taking that as a good sign that the Chemo is gonna work on this crap.

I must have been carrying 10lbs of water weight in each leg and now that it’s gone I look like a little cartoon Stick Man.

We are working hard to put some weight back on my skinny butt now and I’m doing as much exercise, mainly just walking, as I can to get my self built back up.


So far, I haven’t had a lot of Chemo side effects other than this crappy taste in my mouth and fatigue. And I suspect a lot of the fatigue is in response to my earlier blockage, stents, etc.

Whatever the cause, I’m learning to take naps. Not something I’ve ever been real good at. Trying to figure out when the best times are so my already goofy sleep cycle doesn’t get goofier.

Everything has a learning curve to it. Even the small things. But it’s all good. I have been getting up pretty early most mornings and I like that. Listening to the birds wake up and watching the Sun rise is a good way to start the day.

I hope you all have a good day today. Thanks again for all the kind words and support you have provided here.


Talk to ya later, Unk.


Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Been wearing my Ushanka hat from Karl to keep warm the last couple days.








14 Responses to “Sorry I’ve Been Remiss………….”

  1. Karl Ushanka Says:

    Naps, visitors and furry hats? You’re living it up, CrazyUnk!

    Have a great Easter weekend.

  2. Phyllis (N/W jersey) Says:

    Was getting worried….Glad you are feeling better, but maybe too many visitors? That may be wearing you out! As for the taste in your mouth, see if your Dr. ok’s some pure honey. Also, during the day, gently brush you entire mouth with a kid’s soft tooth brush and toothpaste.
    You’ll get the hang of you body’s new rhythm and will know when to take a nap….and then just do it. Love the hat !

    • crazyuncle Says:

      You may be right about to many folks coming by. Doing the tooth brush thing already. Doesn’t seem to help for long.
      Naps come when ever I feel the need.

  3. Craig Cavanaugh Says:

    Good to hear you’re doing well!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hope you had a nice visit with family & friends over Easter. Get your strength built back up so you can kick some chemo ass.

  5. Mark Manship Says:

    hang in there, mark m, md

  6. Melissa A. Says:

    Missing you bunches and thinking of you all the time, even if I’m not the greatest at calling or coming by. I’m so afraid that you’re going to be overwhelmed with visitors or resting…I check the blogs almost every day. Will try to call soon.

  7. judydee Says:

    Don’t stress about the blog–it’s purpose is to help you not to add to the load. Love to hear from you when you feel up to it, and will keep you in my prayers at all times. Enjoy your family and friends, and act like a cat (bask in the sun and take lots of naps).

    prayers and blessings,


  8. crazyuncle Says:

    Judydee- you are a great source of good sense and your comments always pick me up. Thanks so much.

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