Cool Wet End of March…….

March 31, 2012

We had a storm front move through here last night and it’s dropped the temps some today. Not bad. Just not as beautiful as it’s been this last week.

So I’m hanging out inside more than out in the garage as normal.  I seem to be a bit more sensitive to the cool temps than I was before.


Have had a pretty good last few days. Still don’t have a whole lot of energy yet, but the Wife is being quite creative with the dietary limitations and pounding as much protein into me to try to regain my strength.

I really lost any and all reserves I had during the mess last weekend.  I’m walking as much as I can and trying to get the legs back into it.

Kind of a challenge at this point, but we’ll get there.


Got the Chemo pump off yesterday afternoon. Kinda neat that they give ya a bolus at the Cancer Center and then send ya home with a pump for 46 hours.

I could hear  those little “Chucklet Clones” screaming last night as they were dying from that Chemo.




Enjoy your day, Kids. Nothing much to say here.


10 Responses to “Cool Wet End of March…….”

  1. China Says:

    Right on Bro! Win!!!


    • crazyuncle Says:

      Getting better everyday, China. Still weak as hell from that last unexpected hospital stay, but I’m trying to eat as much as I can to put some muscle back on. I look like a little Stick Man now.

  2. Phyllis (N/W jersey) Says:

    Wear a wool cap – it will make you feel warmer without bundling up in a lot of clothes. Feeling cold will sap your energy and make you seem more tired. Keep zapping those nasty Chucklets!

  3. Tammy Skelton Says:

    Love you and have missed you a bunch. Needed a week of soaking in ETOH on the beach though, that was good stuff. I will be out to see you soon. Call me before if you need anything my love!! Tammy

  4. judydee Says:

    Visualization is beneficial for a positive attitude. A positive attitude is beneficial for recovery and healing. Win, Win!!

    prayers and blessings,


  5. Marie Says:

    Special something headed your way to help keep you warm Love.

    Just found out about your blog the other day, this is the first time I have read it. Wonderful news.

    Keep your chin up bub.

    Love you


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