Recap Continues……………..

March 17, 2012

Ok. Where was I?

That’s kind of the problem w/ getting busy and not putting things down when they happen.

We’ll go back to Karl driving 2 hours over here from Ohio just to give my Wife a break from running me to Doctors.

He and a whole lot of  other people Have begun to restore my faith in Humanity. Being away from the ER for going on 4 weeks has most certainly helped too.

People like Shawna, who send me books and cards.

My Coworkers, who are all the time checking up on me.


You get the picture, right?

I sent a prayer request to, SteveH last week.. He runs – which is linked on my other site. Once I get this whole links thing  figured out, he’ll be linked here also

He’s a guy I’ve been reading for years and if you were paying attention, the change has been incredible. He has morphed into the kind of Man I would aspire to be.

I won’t share his response here in public, but lets just say – It’s been spot on- in regard to what has been going on AND what I have been learning. Or in some cases,  RELEARNING.

Amazing. Except that it’s not really unusual when God puts his hand into things.

My Children continue to swarm the house helping out the Wife, Fixing things and hanging out with the Old Man.

I found The Surly one from  sleeping on the couch When I stumbled out of bed this morning.

Yes, sleeping in the bed and NOT the chair!


All these things are cause for Celebration here. And just maybe we will.


I need to go now. I have only begun to scratch the surface of People who have been a blessing and I’m sure I’ll never remember them all.

I just want to say – THANKS to every one of you who have helped me during this time so far.

You know who you are if I forget to mention you publicly. Feel free to use the email or comments to remind me.

I need more coffee now.

See ya later. You all Have a good day!


Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-








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