How About a Quick Recap………….

March 16, 2012

Of what all has been going on the last few days?

First lets back up to the beginning of the week. Monday just plain sucked. Not a little but a LOT.

I was having a lot more pain from a lot of places that weren’t  surgery related and my mood swings, if you plotted them on a graph would have looked something like this-



Yep, up and down. I was running from being angry and mean to wanting to cry over any little thing. Very, NOT GOOD for everyone around.

Tuesday morning, when I got up at immediately started bitching the Wife took charge. She called my Family Doc and we were in there within an hour.

Like I said the other day, he changed my meds around and I thought they were to strong. Not so much once you figure out how to time things properly.


OK, this is where I have to tell ya about Karl.

Karl is the guy who owns the company that sells the Commie Obama, Ushanka  hats –







Yep, that’s the one there. Cool hat that I’ve featured on my other blog before.

Ever since this cancer thing has come up, Karl has been keeping in touch, offering encouragement and help in any way he can.

Many years ago, a Preacher Friend of mine told me, “If people sincerely want to do something to help, Let them. Even if you don’t have anything seriously important that needs done. It’ll be a blessing for both of you.” That Preacher Friend’s advice had never been wrong, so when Karl emailed me and offered to drive me around to the ChiroCracker appointment Tuesday I took him up on it. We’d been trying to arrange a face to face meetup for awhile anyway so it all worked out.


Now keep in mind that Karl lives about 2 hours drive time from here. But he wanted to come all this way just to give my Wife a break from hauling me around. Yeah, that is not just a minor item.


So he did! And once again, PreacherV was correct. It was a blessing for both of us.

Well me for sure.

Karl is a genuine nice guy, who has no idea how his visit over here the other day had a huge impact on my Mental Hygiene and overall outlook

of people/society in general.

My Brother, who showed up here yesterday afternoon, just woke up so I’m gonna post what I have here and carry on with this theme and Karl story later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Morning-





2 Responses to “How About a Quick Recap………….”

  1. Cruisin Cat Says:

    I join Karl in wishing you a speedy recovery!
    Best of luck, man!

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