Tuesday Morning and Things Look Better Today………..

March 6, 2012

Felt pretty rough yesterday. My belly was swelled up like a watermelon and extremely uncomfortable.

And then it happened.

Yes Folks, that moment we’ve all been waiting for –  Poop!

The critics raved – “You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. And You’ll Never Forget It!”

“One For the Ages. An Instant Classic!”

“A Love Story So Intense, It’ll Break Your Heart!”


OK. Maybe it wasn’t QUITE like that.

It was a lot closer to pooping out a 1969 Buick Wildcat than anything else I can imagine-

Yeah, sorta like that.

At least it seemed like it at the time.


But hey! Feeling a whole lot better today for it.


Gonna go have the ChiroCracker try to do something with my neck and shoulder later today also.

So I may be back to my cheerful self in a few days. We;ll see.

That’s the good news. Got no bad news to report.

It’s a good day.









16 Responses to “Tuesday Morning and Things Look Better Today………..”

  1. red450 Says:

    If you had to describe the event with a movie title, what would it be?

  2. Craig Cavanaugh Says:

    Congratulations, it’s a boy : ) Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Well darling, if you were wearing pantyhose, I would pull them up all full of shit and stuff and put you in a car :> Love you and praying for you every night. I will be over with some food next week. Call or text me with your request! xoxo, Tammy

  4. Lonnie McCool Says:

    I got a good machete I’ll bring over if ya need it.

  5. judydee Says:

    “Got no bad news to report” Yep, that makes it a good day!
    Get your neck straightened and do something you enjoy.

    Prayers and Blessings,


  6. Karl Ushanka Says:

    I was so happy to hear the news, I pooped in celebration!

  7. China Says:

    Like Carl Grump I pooped in solidarity with ya! Ha ha. Was just stoppin by to check progress of recovery. Sounds like surgery went really well! And recovery sounds to be coming along nicely.Still got that funky sense of humor,always a help there! Take care Bro,will drop by to see how its going.


  8. Sami Says:

    Well your great nephew, Malcolm was the one who called his mom in the bathroom after his first all on his own big poop to tell her, “look mom, “a 5 dolar foot long.” And they say kids don’t pay attention to commercials.

    • crazyuncle Says:

      The scary thing about that is he used the words from the commercial correctly to form the CONCEPT of a joke.

      Surly is gonna be busy for the next decade or so.

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