Wakeup Call For YerUnk………..

March 4, 2012

Gotta laugh about the stupid things I do once in awhile. A little bit ago, I was reaching for a cup of ice water, lost my grip on it and dumped the thing in my lap!


Whoa  Baby!! That’ll get your attention right quick. Needless to say, I’m wide awake now.


Sort of stuck in a rut here just waiting for my gut to fully wake up. Someone needs do a “Poop Dance”……….Say didn’t Van Morrison have a song about that?

Talk to ya later,



4 Responses to “Wakeup Call For YerUnk………..”

  1. judydee Says:

    Morning Unk! Now that you’re awake, maybe a little warm prune juice would be in order. Sometimes just the threat of it will get things moving. Today is the day!

    Prayers and Blessings,


  2. crazyuncle Says:

    Juddydee, that is indeed a serious threat. May have to call a board meeting or consult the Oracle of Delphi or something.
    Or is that the Orifice of Delphi? I get these things confused sometimes.

  3. red450 Says:

    When I was in the car on the way home from an endoscopy about 7 years ago, I did the same thing. Dumped a whole cup of ice water on my crotch, according to my ride, it didn’t wake me up one bit. I think they gave me the cheapest sedation because it took a long time to wear off and I did all kinds of weird crap.

    If the prune juice doesn’t work, there is always White Castle.

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Anesthesia does weird stuff to folks and you can never tell how you’ll come out of it.

      I’ve been hitting the prune juice (just not warm) but White Castle is out of the question. Haven’t touched one since November of 1983. Now that’s a story I should share to get a laugh from y’all!

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