Interesting Day So Far……..

March 3, 2012

Last night was pretty weird. Slept in the bed for the first time. Still can’t lay on either side so it was only a small improvement over the chair.

My belly, guts, etc are taking their sweet time getting awake and back to work and that’s caused some major bloating/discomfort. Doc hasn’t seemed to concerned, but just to be sure she sent me down to Xray to make sure there was no problem with where she made the reconnection between the large and small bowel. It’s all good so that’s not anything that could be a big problem. I’m most thankful of that, too.

I’ve been limiting my intake of solids since yesterday noon in an effort to not back up things any further and she changed meds around some to sort of jump start things along. So far only major Fart action but I feeling pretty sure things are gonna start moving pretty soon. Just the Fart action has made me feel better though.

Well, I always was a slow learner so this shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise I suppose.


Back to last night.

I had the strangest dreams ever. Those narcotics do that to me anyway, but this was by far the strangest ever. Sort of like being a part a part of a movie while watching it.

A horror movie too.

My oldest boy is all into movies. Writing, production, acting, etc and I’m sure he’ll want me to tell it all to him in detail. Not happening. That was some scary shit and left me unable to go back to sleep for some time. I got up and made some laps around the place instead, hoping to get my guts as wide awake as I was. Don’t know if that helped the guts any or not.

I’m looking forward to going home just for the sleep benefits. Gotta make poop first.


My, listen to me, I’m beginning to sound like one of those old duffers all fixated on the daily Bowel Movement!

I’m also rambling like a goof so I believe a nap is in order.

More later,







6 Responses to “Interesting Day So Far……..”

  1. judydee Says:

    Post-op morphine gave me the most horrific nightmares of my life.
    Unfortunately, they continued for awhile even after I quit the stuff. Might ask if Doc can change your meds. Glad you’re still up and moving–literaly and figuratively. Hope you’re home soon.

    Prayers and Blessings,

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Judydee, seems like all the Narcs do that to me to some extant. That one was just over the top is all. Tonight was like watching the History Channel and all the facts were wrong!
      Who knows?

  2. China Says:

    Unk,glad to hear you’re coming along great! Awesome news!


  3. crazyuncle Says:

    Thanks China, if I could start pooping regular I’d be home now. Gets a bit frustrating, but I believe today things are gonna start.

  4. Sami Says:

    Now that I have to take iron daily my BOOM POTTY has not been cooperating either. I have been eating yogurt like its ice cream. Good thing I like yogurt. Good luck.

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