Feeding Frenzy…………

February 26, 2012

Nothing else describes what I’ve been doing since getting cleaned out from that scope the other day.

Being on steroids for a Lupus associated rash that popped up a few weeks ago too so anything that’s not nailed down has been fair game.

Yesterday, my wife mentioned how much I’ve been eating lately and the only good thing I could think of was to reply –

“Well Honey, you realize I am eating for two, right?”

It sort of feels like that too. Like I have a little Bastard Step Child inside of me trying to kill me.

“My names, Chucky. Wanna Play?!?”

Uh, no thanks dude.


On that front, I am looking forward to having this thing yanked the hell out tomorrow.

I know it’s gonna be uncomfortable and hurt after surgery but, the old saying, “No pain. No gain” seems appropriate here.

Feel free to remind me of that in a few days when I’m whining about my aching ass post surgery.


My daughter brought her old laptop over for me to use while I’m in the hospital this week. It’s in need of some serious TLC and I’m upgrading all the important things now and planning on doing some surgery of my own on it to get it running right today.

It’s funny, here I am at 5 am bouncing back and forth from these 2 computers.

That laptop will really be nice to have and coupled with all the pain meds this could be pretty entertaining for you all too.

Ok, gotta go do more work on that laptop that will require I pay attention.




Yep. You’re out of here tomorrow, Dude.


14 Responses to “Feeding Frenzy…………”

  1. ParamedicKid Says:

    I was thinkin more like the Alien than Chucky, Hehehehe. Either way it can’t come out soon enough.

  2. judydee Says:

    Just checking in. Still here, still praying.


  3. China Says:

    Good luck tomorrow Bro! Got all my people prayin for ya! I expect we will hear from ya in a day or 2,we will give ya 2 days after that post and let us know us know you’re ok even if you’re stoned on demerol some incoherent ramblings will be fine! Looking forward to meeting ya in the flesh soon. Me, Pale Rider,Zoomie,an K-9 need your help with Hoosier Patcom so whup this shit and lets get going! Best wishes and Prayers are with ya my Friend!

    • crazyuncle Says:

      China, I’m definitely hoping to be up to speed enough to at least make a stop at Patcom. Kinda doubt I’ll be able to spend the whole time, but will be making an appearance one way or the other.

  4. YeOldFurt Says:

    Get ‘er done, Unk. & keep us posted.

  5. Craig Cavanaugh Says:

    Good luck and Godspeed. Have your own Patcom after ya kick Chuckie’s ass…

  6. Karl Ushanka Says:

    2 weeks of symptoms, one week of tests, and starting tomorrow a long, but cancer-free, recovery.

    Been sending good vibes everyday and will continue until you flag my vibes as spam!

    Good luck tomorrow. May Chucky find a new home in a medical waste bag.

  7. red450 Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Lifting a gluten free beer to your speedy recovery and to future motorcycle rides and shooting guns!

  8. Jean Says:

    Be a good boy, Unk and keep fighting!

    Next vacay in FL I’ll buy you and the Mrs. a beer.

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