Cleaned Out & Scoped Out

February 22, 2012

Well, the scope went fine yesterday. When I showed up they had decided to do both an upper and lower, so I got em both done.

Sort of a One Stop Shopping Experience.

Once they give ya the Versed and Demerol you don’t give a shit what they’re doing anyway.

We stopped on the way to the hospital and bought a cheap bouquet of flowers for DrDan.

I figured since we were taking our relationship to a new level it was the thing to do.

Everyone got a good laugh out of it and lightening  the mood some was the idea.

He snapped a couple of pictures for me while he was in there too just so I could see what exactly it is that’s trying to kill me. Not sure where the wife put them, but I’ll post em up later.


Back on schedule with the PET scan this afternoon, “God willin’ and the Creak don’t rise”.

And hopefully see the Oncologist tomorrow.

So we are about there on getting a plan laid out and that’s a good thing.


I don’t know if I’d mentioned this before or not, but I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Lupus. Fortunately, I have the type that generally only shows up on the skin in various annoying forms and during times of high stress.

Yes, it showed up on my back and elbows just about the time that my belly pain started.  Yeah, maybe I should have made the connection.

I don’t know. There’s lots of things that look better in hindsight and it’s best to not dwell on em.

Funny thing is, as we pulled into the parking lot yesterday my face began breaking out in the classic Butterfly Pattern rash.Ya think that maybe I’m more stressed than I thought?

Apparently so.

I’m feeling pretty good this morning with no residual effects from yesterday. Up early because my sleep cycle just doesn’t know how to act. Maybe a few more days early to bed, early to rise will help things straighten out.


That’s it for now.




4 Responses to “Cleaned Out & Scoped Out”

  1. red450 Says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting a plan in the works so quickly. Keep up the sarcasm and positive attitude, makes you stay strong.

  2. crazyuncle Says:

    Hey Red, They got me into to see the Oncology Doc later this afternoon. That makes me happy.
    You getting any riding done in this warm weather?

  3. red450 Says:

    Nope not yet. Been busy with all the other things. I need to dig my bike out of it’s winter cocoon of junk that I threw in the garage since fall.

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Yeah, I feel kinda guilty with all this nice weather not getting out.
      The idea of riding around with the pain pills in my system makes me think I have better odds with cancer though.
      That shit makes ya stupid.

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