Interesting Story From the Comments…

February 20, 2012

Comment left by Sic the other day-

“One of the greatest cancer threads ever. Taught me more about life and living than almost anything I have ever seen.

Fight the good fight.”

I had to register with the forum and it wasn’t till this evening that I got started.

I say started because there’s at least 110 PAGES to it!

I’m still in the 20’s so there’s a lot left.No, I don’t know how it ends yet.

This story involves a fella with Pancreatic cancer. Just about the worst thing a person can get.

What’s interesting are the number of survival stories involving folks with that cancer.

And there is a common theme that runs through them all – Positive Attitude.

Maybe that’s why I have just wanted to get a plan and go with it. It’s hard for me to be positive if I don’t know WTF is going on yet. But as I mentioned in a reply to Vicomtesse in the thread below, other than my little melt down earlier today, both my mind and spirit have been better the last 2 days.

I remind myself that I’m a guy who has broken his neck TWICE and other than some aches and pains, has never missed a beat. The funny thing about that is, I never even knew it had been broken till months later.

Both times.

I’ve fallen 60+ feet at a construction accident and walked away from it – after they dug me out of the sand pile anyway!

No, we just need to get things moving and I’ll get over this too.

I saw a book mentioned at that site that looked like something I could use also. So I ordered it already. Written by a Cancer Doc with the focus on nutrition and keeping your mind right along with the conventional treatments.

Whatever it takes.

Yep. I wonder if he was drinking Mag Citrate too?


4 Responses to “Interesting Story From the Comments…”

  1. Sami Says:

    Yup, that’s what happens, for hours on end. Then when you think it is safe to move, you have to take round two. Good luck with the test.

  2. crazyuncle Says:

    Sam- that was a Looooooong night. I was still erupting like a firehose at 8 this morning.
    But By God I was cleaned out so the scope went ok.

  3. Gymi Says:

    I’m Keeping you in my thoughts Unk, This planet needs people like your self. Thats why I know for sure you’re gonna whip this shit. That and even though we have not met face to face, I know from your writing and our correspondence that you are a MAN. A MAN of strong character and won’t back away from a challenge no matter how big. Plus we still need to go for a ride.

    That pic pretty much sums up my experience with Mag Citrate as well.

    • crazyuncle Says:

      Yep, we still need to make that ride. Just got home from the surgeon. She will be cutting me on Monday morning bright and early.
      We’ll see what happens from there, Bro!

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