Big Week Coming Here………

February 20, 2012

Starting today.

I’m excited and scared about this at the same time. If that makes any sense,

PET scan this afternoon.

Let’s hope I don’t light the place up like a Christmas tree. Nothing more than the areas we already know about would be a good thing, right?


One interesting thought on this scan. If they inject me with some radioactive isotope will I perchance develope super powers like Peter Parker?

Probably not. Cool idea though.

The PET scan is kind of a big deal. They only scanned by belly the other day. Lets hope nothing else shows up anywhere else. I’m trying to remain optimistic about this, but gotta admit  the thought of finding something in the lung or bone metastasis, which is a possibility, is pretty scary.

Unfortunately, unless I can get the tech who does the scan to clue me in, I probably won’t know the results till tomorrow afternoon at earliest.

Didn’t Tom Petty have a song about, “The waiting is the hardest part”?

After I get home from the scan I get to start prepping for the scope tomorrow. You know what that means, right? Yeah Baby. I’m gonna be drinking Mag Citrate and taking Dulcolox laxatives and then shitting my guts out all night.

WooHoo!! That’s something to look forward to.

By this time tomorrow I can tell all of you Bastards that have in the past told me I’m “Full of Shit” to kiss my saggy old ass!

Probably gonna need to be gentle though as I expect it to be a bit chaffed.

Later, Unk


Gratuitous Picture for Surly-




4 Responses to “Big Week Coming Here………”

  1. Surly Says:

    My first comment got fragged…
    Now I’m out of time.

    From now on we refer to Cancer as Kathy.

    Fuck Kathy.

    Love you Unk.


  2. Surly Says:

    My first comment that dissapeared for some reason was that I hope you are thinking of me standing in front of the Marathon station when they are shoving things up your ass at the hoespital.

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