Here’s a little of what’s been going on lately at TheGrumpyUnkCommandandControlBunker.

Had a CT scan last week to see how well Chemo has been working. Short answer – Not much at all.

Liver Labs are still going up along with pain, nausea and fatigue. Doc started me on a new regimen of Chemo and another med – which I don’t feel like getting up just so I can read the label.

That would be one of the other problems. CRS Syndrome. Can’t remember shit.

About time I  get my head in a good place & have the energy to do Something, I have to do Paperwork or go see a Doc.

We’ll make one way or the other.


Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday-







Had a pretty good day today overall.

Karl of the World Famous Ushanka Hats ( came over for a visit and that was just what I needed.  Really lightened up my mood.

Looking forward to getting that Chemo going and killing all that nasty crap in there.

Still working on the weight gain and the Wife keeps coming up with more good ideas.

I’m curious to see what I weigh in at tomorrow.


Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Evening-

The World Famous Hat.


I Forgot that my Wife has seen this Doc in the past for Migraine help. She calls him “A Gentle Spirit” and I can see why.

Extremely nice guy.

Had a lot of good suggestions for both gaining weight and for some other problems I’ve been dealing with.

So we’ll see how things go.


All in all I think it’ll help.


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This fella is an “Integrative Medicine” specialist and is supposed to be able to help me in a lot of ways. I’m hoping that he can guide me into putting some pounds back on.

I’m skinny as a rail and look sick. Don’t like it either.

We’ll see what he says and hope he knows what he’s talking about. My Oncologist likes him so that’s a good start.


I’ll let ya know what he says tomorrow.


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It’s seems that all the stents are draining properly and things in that end are working ok.

This is good.

That my liver labs still suck is not good. My guess? Lots more tumor in there than they thought.

I guess that means – “Come on Chemo!”


I did get my 2nd treatment the other day and so far no nasty side effects other than the “Chemo Mouth”.


If that’s as bad as it gets I’ll consider myself fortunate. So many folks have such bad side effects I’m very lucky so far.

Not much else to tell ya. Pretty sore this morning from being flopped around while under the anesthetic but that’s what drugs are for I guess.


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It seems that there is another blockage above the stent they placed into the Liver portion of the duct last time and my Liver Labs are all screwed up.

So we’re headed North to see what the heck they can do about that today.

I’m not not crazy about the idea of another ERCP but what’s a guy to do? Basically, I’m scared of getting the Pancreas stirred up again and having another bout of Pancreatitis. I’ll be honest, that scares me a lot. I never experienced anything like that before and the idea of having to go through that again has me worried.

But we do what we have to do and deal with it.


Wish me luck.

In posting  here this week.

There’s been a lot going on and a lot of visitors.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have Family and Friends here. With my limited energy levels, I just don’t seem to get around to posting anything afterwards.


The good news is I don’t really have anything all that exciting to tell ya about.

The 1st round of Chemo seems to be working pretty well. The reason I say that is, during that last stay in the hospital after the ERCP, my legs swelled up something awful.

All I can figure is it was Portal Pressure in the Liver that was backing things up. Not really a good thing, but I probably should have expected it given what was going on.

I noticed that the day after they pulled that 46 hour pump, the swelling had already begun to go down and was completely gone in 2 more days.

I’m taking that as a good sign that the Chemo is gonna work on this crap.

I must have been carrying 10lbs of water weight in each leg and now that it’s gone I look like a little cartoon Stick Man.

We are working hard to put some weight back on my skinny butt now and I’m doing as much exercise, mainly just walking, as I can to get my self built back up.


So far, I haven’t had a lot of Chemo side effects other than this crappy taste in my mouth and fatigue. And I suspect a lot of the fatigue is in response to my earlier blockage, stents, etc.

Whatever the cause, I’m learning to take naps. Not something I’ve ever been real good at. Trying to figure out when the best times are so my already goofy sleep cycle doesn’t get goofier.

Everything has a learning curve to it. Even the small things. But it’s all good. I have been getting up pretty early most mornings and I like that. Listening to the birds wake up and watching the Sun rise is a good way to start the day.

I hope you all have a good day today. Thanks again for all the kind words and support you have provided here.


Talk to ya later, Unk.


Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Been wearing my Ushanka hat from Karl to keep warm the last couple days.